Keep it short and sweet

Guest Policy

1. No party policy

1.1 Noise - We have a strict no party policy with no excessive noise at anytime. Quiet hours between 10pm and 8am.

1.2. Guests - Guests that are not part of your reservation cannot remain on the premises of your rented space after 11pm.

2. House Rules

2.1 No smoking - We ask that our guests respect the space by never smoking, including on balconies and terraces.

2.2 Shared spaces - Some of our Sosuites have shared common spaces—please respect your neighbors, co-tenants and clean behind you. And make some friends along the way!

2.3 Pets - While we love your furry friends as much as you do, we cannot accommodate them in our Suites. Exceptions are pets that fit to the US Department's of Justice ADA requirements. An ADA certificate must be presented on requests.

3. Furniture & Objects

3.1 Don't move them - We invest in quality furniture and objects. Please don't move them around and risk damaging them or scratching the floors.

3.2 Here to say - As of now, none of the furniture or objects can be taken with you. We have plans to allow you to take some objectswith you eventually—we'll keep you posted once we roll this out. Meanwhile, if you love something and want it same at home, just ask and we'd love to help!

3.2 Damages - You will not be charged a security deposit prior to your stay. However, we do keep a credit card on file in case of incidentals. In the event the space is a damaged, or our house rules violated, we will charge the amount owed to the credit card on file.

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