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Managing residential units is needlessly complicated and expensive — advertise and screen tenants, collect rent, maintain, and make many difficult decisions in-between.

We built Sosuite to make it easy: we sign long-term leases for your units at record NOIs.

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Partnering with Sosuite

The modern citizens look for flexible stays in spaces built for transient travel - partner with us to answer this growing market.

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Goodbye to Vacancies

Phase out seasonal vacancies, costly lease-up efforts, and occupancy draughts in-between tenants.

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No Maintenance

No more tenants locked out – we handle all routine maintenance and professionally clean your units weekly.

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Earn More, More Reliably

Your rent is guaranteed and direct-deposited into your account every month.

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No headaches

We master hospitality and market your spaces at our cost. No hidden management fees or charges.


We don't suite talk...

We build Suites.
We put decades of hospitality experience to work.

We partner with top designers to create beautiful and homey spaces for the modern citizen. Our Sosuites are purposefully furnished and professionally managed to answer these trends.

Our promises

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Legal Compliance

We take pride in managing entire floors of spaces for some of Philly’s most successful real-estate investors and developers. Our legal team work closely with the city to comply with all regulations.

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Protection and Security

We are insured for up to $1M through Lloyds of London and screen all tenants through a 3-step verification process. A concierge available 24/7 accompanies tenants throughout their stay.

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Technologically Empowered

We monitor sound levels to ensure guests adhere to our strict no-party policy. Using the latest smart hardware, we give guests access to units only for as long as they need it and monitor entry and exits without cameras - we respect your other tenants' privacy.


Your Questions

What's my role as a landlord?

Sosuite signs a modified, longer-term lease. We provide strong guarantees and are backed by even stronger insurance.

How long is Sosuite leasing my units?

We sign longer leases (typically 5 years) with annual increases so you don't have to look for new tenants every year.

Aren't short-term rentals illegal?

We work with our legal team to ensure that each lease is fully compliant and respects all local laws.

What happens if my unit is damaged?

Our insurance terms are tailored to protect from exactly that. We're backed up for up to $1m per unit and we want you to feel at ease.

How do you screen your guests?

Our guests go through a 3-step verification process before booking: all have their email, phone number, and ID verified.

Won't your guests disturb my other tenants?

We use smart hardware to monitor entries and exits and measure sound levels in all units. Our guests all agree to our strict no-party policy.

A dedicated team

Our Designers & Setup team build an unparalleled Sosuite experience.
Our hospitality marketing experts creatively merchandise our suites to the right audience.

Speak to a co-founder.

Sosuite's 24/7 support team is available by text, phone and email to answer every guest's need so you and your team don't have to.

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